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Season 4 Leveling Guide

How To Efficiently Level-Up Your Character

Season 4 Leveling Guide

Level 1-35 (World Tier 2)

  • Start the seasonal Questline and progress untill you can gain Iron Wolves Reputation from the HelltideHelltide.
  • Start running HelltideHelltides. These are active every hour for 55 minutes, use the 5 minute break to upgrade your gear and salvage loot.
  • Open as many Tortured Gift of MysteriesTortured Gift of Mysteries, these give a nice chunk of experience on opening.
  • Finish your Class Quest and get the Aspects you need for your build. While running Helltides, complete Events to obtain
    Murmuring ObolsMurmuring Obols
    . Don't gamble on World Tier IIWorld Tier II, as the LegendaryLegendary drop rate is very low from the OccultistOccultist.
  • At level 35, complete the first Capstone Dungeon.

Level 36-60 (World Tier 3)

  • Keep running HelltideHelltides until level 60.
  • BlacksmithTemper your gear and stack Fire Resistance.
  • Complete the second Capstone Dungeon.

Level 60+ (World Tier 4)

  • Keep running HelltideHelltides until level 70.
  • Start running Nightmare DungeonNightmare Dungeons to level-up your Paragon Glyphs.
  • After completen a T46 Nightmare DungeonNightmare Dungeon, you unlock the PitPit of Artificers.
  • Gather Masterworking materials from the PitPit and maximize your gear.