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Mother’s Blessing is Bestowed on Sanctuary

Reap Gold and experience with increased vigor during the Mother’s Blessing Weekend

Mother’s Blessing is Bestowed on Sanctuary

In an exciting development, the highly anticipated game Diablo 4 has announced the "Mother's Blessing Weekend" event, set to captivate players from September 1, 10 a.m., through September 5, 10 a.m. PDT. This limited-time event promises a remarkable opportunity for players to enhance their in-game progression and amass wealth at an accelerated pace.

Increased Experience and Gold

During the Mother's Blessing Weekend, players will enjoy a substantial 25% increase in the rate at which they earn both experience points (XP) and gold. This windfall applies universally across all player segments, encompassing both Seasonal and Eternal Realms, and all World Tiers.

To help players readily identify and the benefits of this event, an in-game icon will accompany the potion count, serving as a visual cue of the heightened rates of gold and XP gain.

Rise, wanderer, and stand triumphant before your hoard of spoils.

The "Mother's Blessing Weekend" in Diablo 4 is the first timed bonus event, opening the way for other unique events.