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Preserving Fair Play in Diablo IV

A Message from the Community Manager

Preserving Fair Play in Diablo IV

In an official statement released by Blizzard Entertainment's Community Manager, PezRadar, players are reminded of the company's commitment to maintaining a safe and fair gaming environment. The message, posted on the official game forum, emphasizes the importance of upholding the integrity of the game while strictly prohibiting the use of cheats and unauthorized modifications.

"[...] we want to make it clear that TurboHUD4, like any game-modifying software, is prohibited for use with Diablo IV." - PezRadar

The importance of Fair Play

At the heart of this commitment lies the Blizzard End-User License Agreement (EULA), which serves as a contract between Blizzard and all players of Diablo IV. The EULA explicitly forbids the use of any game-modifying software that automates, modifies, or interferes with the gameplay, including notorious tools like TurboHUD4.

In the competitive world of online gaming, maintaining a level playing field is of paramount importance to ensure an enjoyable experience for all users. By adhering to these rules, players not only contribute to the long-term integrity of Diablo IV but also safeguard their own accounts and personal data from potential security breaches.

From the Official Blizzard Forum

We are committed to keeping the world of Sanctuary a safe and fair place for all players, and our Game Security team constantly monitors for cheats and unauthorized modifications.

All Diablo IV players agree to the Blizzard EULA as a condition of playing the game. The Blizzard EULA explicitly prohibits cheating, bots, hacks, and any other unauthorized software which automates, modifies, or otherwise interferes with the game. This is important to players’ security as well as the game’s long-term integrity.

With that in mind, we want to make it clear that TurboHUD4, like any game-modifying software, is prohibited for use with Diablo IV. Players who install this kind of software will put their accounts at risk for disciplinary action, which can include permanent suspension.

Thank you to our players for helping to keep Sanctuary fair for all.

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