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Aspect Gambling Tool

Get the most out of your

Murmuring ObolsMurmuring Obols
. Identify which item you should target at the Purveyor of CuriositiesPurveyor of Curiosities to get the best possible odds at getting the legendary aspect you are looking for.


  • You can not gamble for UniqueUnique Items! (this will change in Season 5)
  • You can gamble items with Greater AffixGreater Affixes
  • LegendaryLegendary Items gambled at level 100, are guaranteed Item Power 925
  • You can now hold up to
    Murmuring Obols2500x Murmuring Obols


All Classes

Accelerating AspectAccelerating
Aspect of Accursed Touch Accursed Touch
Aspect of Adaptability Adaptability
Assimilation AspectAssimilation
Aspect of Audacity Audacity
Blood Boiling AspectBlood Boiling
Conceited AspectConceited
Aspect of Concussive Strikes Concussive Strikes
Craven AspectCraven
Aspect of Disobedience Disobedience
Edgemaster's AspectEdgemaster's
Aspect of Elements Elements
Eluding AspectEluding
Exploiter's AspectExploiter's
Aspect of Frosty Strides Frosty Strides
Ghostwalker AspectGhostwalker
Hectic AspectHectic
Aspect of Inner Calm Inner Calm
Juggernaut's AspectJuggernaut's
Aspect of Metamorphosis Metamorphosis
Aspect of Might Might
Needleflare AspectNeedleflare
Protecting AspectProtecting
Rapid AspectRapid
Aspect of Retribution Retribution
Shard of Dawn AspectShard of Dawn
Aspect of Shared Misery Shared Misery
Aspect of Slaughter Slaughter
Smiting AspectSmiting
Starlight AspectStarlight
Aspect of the Crowded Sage the Crowded Sage
Aspect of the Deflecting Barrier the Deflecting Barrier
Aspect of the Expectant the Expectant
Aspect of the Moonrise the Moonrise
Aspect of the Protector the Protector
Aspect of the Umbral the Umbral
Undying AspectUndying
Aspect of Voracious Rage Voracious Rage
Wind Striker AspectWind Striker

Class-specific Aspects

Aspect of Abundant Energy Abundant Energy
Aspect of Ancestral Charge Ancestral Charge
Aspect of Ancestral Echoes Ancestral Echoes
Aspect of Ancestral Force Ancestral Force
Aspect of Ancient Flame Ancient Flame
Aspect of Anemia Anemia
Aphotic AspectAphotic
Aspect of Armageddon Armageddon
Aspect of Arrow Storms Arrow Storms
Aspect of Artful Initiative Artful Initiative
Balanced AspectBalanced
Ballistic AspectBallistic
Battle Caster's AspectBattle Caster's
Battle-Mad AspectBattle-Mad
Bear Clan Berserker's AspectBear Clan Berserker's
Aspect of Berserk Fury Berserk Fury
Aspect of Berserk Ripping Berserk Ripping
Aspect of Binding Embers Binding Embers
Aspect of Biting Cold Biting Cold
Bladedancer's AspectBladedancer's
Blast-Trapper's AspectBlast-Trapper's
Blighted AspectBlighted
Blood Getter's AspectBlood Getter's
Blood Seeker's AspectBlood Seeker's
Blood-bathed AspectBlood-bathed
Blood-soaked AspectBlood-soaked
Bold Chieftain's AspectBold Chieftain's
Aspect of Branching Volleys Branching Volleys
Brawler's AspectBrawler's
Breakneck Bandit's AspectBreakneck Bandit's
Aspect of Bul-Kathos Bul-Kathos
Aspect of Burning Rage Burning Rage
Aspect of Bursting Bones Bursting Bones
Aspect of Bursting Venoms Bursting Venoms
Cadaverous AspectCadaverous
Charged AspectCharged
Cheat's AspectCheat's
Coldbringer's AspectColdbringer's
Aspect of Concentration Concentration
Aspect of Conflagration Conflagration
Aspect of Control Control
Aspect of Corruption Corruption
Crashstone AspectCrashstone
Aspect of Creeping Mist Creeping Mist
Aspect of Cruel Sustenance Cruel Sustenance
Aspect of Cyclonic Force Cyclonic Force
Death Wish AspectDeath Wish
Aspect of Decay Decay
Devilish AspectDevilish
Dire Wolf's AspectDire Wolf's
Dust Devil's AspectDust Devil's
Earthguard AspectEarthguard
Earthquake AspectEarthquake
Earthstriker's AspectEarthstriker's
Aspect of Efficiency Efficiency
Aspect of Elemental Acuity Elemental Acuity
Elementalist's AspectElementalist's
Aspect of Elusive Menace Elusive Menace
Aspect of Empowering Reaper Empowering Reaper
Encased AspectEncased
Aspect of Encircling Blades Encircling Blades
Aspect of Encroaching Wrath Encroaching Wrath
Energizing AspectEnergizing
Aspect of Engulfing Flames Engulfing Flames
Enshrouding AspectEnshrouding
Escape Artist's AspectEscape Artist's
Everliving AspectEverliving
Aspect of Explosive Mist Explosive Mist
Aspect of Explosive Verve Explosive Verve
Aspect of Exposed Flesh Exposed Flesh
Fastblood AspectFastblood
Aspect of Fevered Mauling Fevered Mauling
Aspect of Fierce Winds Fierce Winds
Flamethrower's AspectFlamethrower's
Flamewalker's AspectFlamewalker's
Flesh-Rending AspectFlesh-Rending
Aspect of Fortune Fortune
Aspect of Forward Momentum Forward Momentum
Aspect of Frenzied Dead Frenzied Dead
Frostbitten AspectFrostbitten
Frostblitz AspectFrostblitz
Aspect of Frozen Memories Frozen Memories
Aspect of Frozen Orbit Frozen Orbit
Galvanized Slasher's  AspectGalvanized Slasher's
Aspect of Giant Strides Giant Strides
Glacial AspectGlacial
Aspect of Gore Quills Gore Quills
Aspect of Grasping Veins Grasping Veins
Aspect of Grasping Whirlwind Grasping Whirlwind
Gravitational AspectGravitational
Aspect of Hardened Bones Hardened Bones
High Velocity AspectHigh Velocity
Hulking AspectHulking
Aspect of Hungry Blood Hungry Blood
Icy Alchemist's AspectIcy Alchemist's
Aspect of Imitated Imbuement Imitated Imbuement
Imprisoned Spirit's AspectImprisoned Spirit's
Incendiary AspectIncendiary
Inexorable Reaper's AspectInexorable Reaper's
Infiltrator's AspectInfiltrator's
Iron Blood AspectIron Blood
Aspect of Iron Rain Iron Rain
Aspect of Lethal Dusk Lethal Dusk
Lightning Dancer's AspectLightning Dancer's
Lightning Rod AspectLightning Rod
Aspect of Limitless Rage Limitless Rage
Luckbringer AspectLuckbringer
Mage-Lord's AspectMage-Lord's
Mangled AspectMangled
Mangler's AspectMangler's
Aspect of Mending Stone Mending Stone
Aspect of Metamorphic Stone Metamorphic Stone
Mighty Storm's AspectMighty Storm's
Mired Sharpshooter's  AspectMired Sharpshooter's
Aspect of Natural Balance Natural Balance
Aspect of Nature's Savagery Nature's Savagery
Aspect of Nebulous Brews Nebulous Brews
Nighthowler's AspectNighthowler's
Aspect of Noxious Ice Noxious Ice
Aspect of Numbing Wrath Numbing Wrath
Aspect of Occult Dominion Occult Dominion
Opportunist's AspectOpportunist's
Osseous Gale AspectOsseous Gale
Overcharged AspectOvercharged
Aspect of Overwhelming Currents Overwhelming Currents
Aspect of Perpetual Stomping Perpetual Stomping
Aspect of Pestilent Points Pestilent Points
Aspect of Piercing Cold Piercing Cold
Aspect of Piercing Static Piercing Static
Aspect of Plunging Darkness Plunging Darkness
Aspect of Potent Blood Potent Blood
Prodigy's AspectProdigy's
Aspect of Quickening Fog Quickening Fog
Aspect of Quicksand Quicksand
Aspect of Rathma's Chosen Rathma's Chosen
Ravager's AspectRavager's
Ravenous AspectRavenous
Raw Might AspectRaw Might
Aspect of Reanimation Reanimation
Recharging AspectRecharging
Relentless Berserker's AspectRelentless Berserker's
Repeating AspectRepeating
Requiem AspectRequiem
Resistant Assailant's AspectResistant Assailant's
Aspect of Retaliation Retaliation
Rotting AspectRotting
Runeworker's Conduit AspectRuneworker's Conduit
Sacrificial AspectSacrificial
Aspect of Searing Wards Searing Wards
Seismic-shift AspectSeismic-shift
Serpentine AspectSerpentine
Aspect of Serration Serration
Shadowslicer AspectShadowslicer
Shattered AspectShattered
Shattered Spirit's AspectShattered Spirit's
Aspect of Shattered Stars Shattered Stars
Shepherd's AspectShepherd's
Aspect of Shielding Storm Shielding Storm
Shockwave AspectShockwave
Aspect of Shredding Blades Shredding Blades
Aspect of Singed Extremities Singed Extremities
Aspect of Siphoned Victuals Siphoned Victuals
Skinwalker's AspectSkinwalker's
Skullbreaker's AspectSkullbreaker's
Slaking AspectSlaking
Snap Frozen AspectSnap Frozen
Snowguard's AspectSnowguard's
Snowveiled AspectSnowveiled
Splintering AspectSplintering
Aspect of Splintering Energy Splintering Energy
Stable AspectStable
Steadfast Berserker's AspectSteadfast Berserker's
Aspect of Stolen Vigor Stolen Vigor
Storm Swell AspectStorm Swell
Stormchaser's AspectStormchaser's
Stormclaw's AspectStormclaw's
Stormshifter's AspectStormshifter's
Subterranean AspectSubterranean
Aspect of Sundered Ground Sundered Ground
Aspect of Surprise Surprise
Aspect of Swelling Curse Swelling Curse
Symbiotic AspectSymbiotic
Aspect of Synergy Synergy
Aspect of Tempering Blows Tempering Blows
Aspect of Tenuous Agility Tenuous Agility
Aspect of Tenuous Destruction Tenuous Destruction
Aspect of The Aftershock The Aftershock
Aspect of the Alpha the Alpha
Aspect of the Blurred Beast the Blurred Beast
Aspect of the Bounding Conduit the Bounding Conduit
Aspect of the Calm Breeze the Calm Breeze
Aspect of the Changeling's Debt the Changeling's Debt
Aspect of the Damned the Damned
Aspect of the Dark Howl the Dark Howl
Aspect of the Dire Whirlwind the Dire Whirlwind
Aspect of the Embalmer the Embalmer
Aspect of the Firebird the Firebird
Aspect of the Frozen Tundra the Frozen Tundra
Aspect of the Frozen Wake the Frozen Wake
Aspect of the Iron Warrior the Iron Warrior
Aspect of the Long Shadow the Long Shadow
Aspect of the Orange Herald the Orange Herald
Aspect of the Rampaging Werebeast the Rampaging Werebeast
Aspect of the Relentless Armsmaster the Relentless Armsmaster
Aspect of the Rushing Wilds the Rushing Wilds
Aspect of the Stampede the Stampede
Aspect of the Tempest the Tempest
Aspect of the Trampled Earth the Trampled Earth
Aspect of the Unbroken Tether the Unbroken Tether
Aspect of the Unholy Tether the Unholy Tether
Aspect of the Unsatiated the Unsatiated
Aspect of the Unwavering the Unwavering
Aspect of the Ursine Horror the Ursine Horror
Aspect of the Void the Void
Aspect of the Wildrage the Wildrage
Aspect of Three Curses Three Curses
Tidal AspectTidal
Aspect of Torment Torment
Torturous AspectTorturous
Toxic Alchemist's AspectToxic Alchemist's
Trickshot AspectTrickshot
Trickster's AspectTrickster's
Aspect of Ultimate Shadow Ultimate Shadow
Umbrous AspectUmbrous
Aspect of Uncanny Treachery Uncanny Treachery
Aspect of Unstable Imbuements Unstable Imbuements
Aspect of Untimely Death Untimely Death
Unyielding Commander's AspectUnyielding Commander's
Vengeful AspectVengeful
Veteran Brawler's AspectVeteran Brawler's
Vigorous AspectVigorous
Virulent AspectVirulent
Aspect of Vocalized Empowerment Vocalized Empowerment
Aspect of Volatile Shadows Volatile Shadows
Wanton Rupture AspectWanton Rupture
Weapon Master's AspectWeapon Master's
Windlasher AspectWindlasher

Unique Target Farming Tool

Find the best way to farm Unique items
select an aspect first

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Shout-out to Ginger Gaming Mentor for coming up with this great idea! Check out his video below.

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