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Paragon Glyph Levels Bugged after Abattoir of Zir Update

Paragon Glyph Levels Bugged after Abattoir of Zir Update


"We have pushed out a PC client patch for Steam and users to address the Paragon Glyph issue and a few other items. Notes can be found below." - PezRadar

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Abattoir of Zir is Now Live!

Abattoir of Zir is Now Live!

It seems like currently all Magic and Rare Paragon Glyphs are bugged. The level displayed on the glyph appears to be lower than before the update. Magic Glyphs at level 11 have been reduced to level 10 and Rare Glyphs at level 21 have been reduced to 19.

Players can rest assured that this is not intended. It seems that the required experience for max level had been increased, but this change interacts unexpectedly with already-leveled glyphs.

is aware of the issue and have identified the cause of the problem. They've announced that a fix is coming later today to PC.

The team has identified an issue that players are experiencing with paragon glyphs showcasing misrepresented levels from the levels achieved prior to the 1.2.3 update. We plan on addressing this on PC with a new client update that will be shipping later today. We will update players on timing of this release once available.

Tears of Blood

Additionally, players have reported that

Tears of BloodTears of Blood
incorrectly shows additive as opposed to multiplicative bonuses. This is only a visual issue, but the effects are indeed multiplicative, as stated earlier on Friday.

Separately, when 1.2.3 hits, we will have a known issue with advanced tooltips on the Tears of Blood glyph where it will show bonuses as additive. The icon is incorrect and it is actually multiplicative. That will also be noted in the hotfix notes for Tuesday.