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Diablo 4 Expansion Vessel of Hatred arrives October 8

Prepare for the next chapter of Diablo IV

Diablo 4 Expansion Vessel of Hatred arrives October 8

During the Xbox Game Showcase, it is revealed that Diablo IV's first expansion, Vessel of Hatred, is coming October 8, 2024!

Prepare for the next chapter of Diablo IV. Become the apex predator of the jungle as the all-new Spiritborn class.

What are you most excited for in Vessel of Hatred

The Spiritborn (new class)0%
Nahantu (new region)0%
new PVE Co-op Content0%
Mephisto's Corrupted Soulstone
Mephisto's Corrupted Soulstone

How much will the Diablo IV Expansion Cost?

The Diablo IV Expansion starts at a steep $39.99 with other version reaching much higher prices. You can pre-purchase the expansion here (no affiliate).

Standard Edition​$39.99
Deluxe Edition$59.99
Ultimate Edition$89.99

The Spiritborn

The Spiritborn new class
The Spiritborn new class

The Spiritborn, apex predator of the jungle, is poised to strike. Battle with styles and mystical synergies that could only be awakened deep beneath the jungle’s canopy with an entirely new class to the iconic Diablo series.

On , more will be revealed about the Spiritborn.


Discover and recruit new Mercenaries to join you on your quest. These powerful allies fight alongside you, grow in power as they progress, and help you in combat with unique abilities.

Preview of the new D4 Mercenaries
Preview of the new D4 Mercenaries

Campaign Story Continuation

Expand your map to journey into the new region of Nahantu in search of Neyrelle, who is both suffering the fate of her choice to imprison the Prime Evil Mephisto, and seeking a means to destroy him.

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New Region, Nahantu

We've also seen hints at the new version of the Expansion. The Expansion will take place in the region Nahantu. Nahantu is the jungle region of Sanctuary and features faimilar places like Kurast and Travincal.

Kurast Scenic Shot in Diablo 4
Kurast Scenic Shot in Diablo 4

Expand Sanctuary to discover new Towns and bygone civilizations shrouded in the vast jungle of Nahantu. Battle courageously through new dungeons and Strongholds and take on new enemies from ferocious demons to warring Tribes, the likes of which could only thrive amidst the hellish overgrowth of Kurast or the barren desert of Teganze.

New Endgame Co-op Dungeon

Party up to take on a new multi-faceted dungeon with powerful challenges and promising rewards. First of its kind to Diablo, this dungeon will require eager warriors to team up and take down the challenge together.

New Engame Activity
New Engame Activity

Vanilla Game Updates

Experience more updates coming to all players when Vessel of Hatred releases.

Empower your favorite classes with new skills, added Paragon Boards, and Legendary Glyphs. Explore new dungeon types and added activities and rewards from the Tree of Whispers, with even more updates on the way.

Claim your free Pet now!

Available in-game now, all players in Diablo IV can have a new companion to call their own. Aiding with Gold and Material pick-up

, Pets will serve as your trusty side

throughout the dangerous world of Sanctuary.

Log-in now to receive a Quest in-game that unlocks Pets for your Character. Upon Completion, you’ll earn Asheara the Canine Pet in-game.

Asheara the Canine Pet
Asheara the Canine Pet

Watch the whole showcase

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