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Uber Unique Crafting Coming February 13th

Use your excess Uber Uniques to craft the ones you really want

Uber Unique Crafting Coming February 13th

Starting , when path 1.3.2 goes live, your duplicate and unused Uber Uniques will finally have a purpose.

Uber Unique Crafting

Next week,

is introducing

Uber Unique Crafting. This system allows you to salvage unused Uber Uniques into Resplendent Sparks.

When you have 5x Resplendent Sparks, you can use them at the Alchemist to Transmute them into an Uber Unique of choice (

for example)!

Note that the "Refine Resources" tab at the Alchemist has been renamed to "Transmute".

Uber Unique Drop Chance

On top of this improvement, the drop rates of Uber Uniques are being increased everywhere, except for

Duriel, Maggot KingDuriel, Maggot King