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Diablo IV Anniversary: March of the Goblins Celebration

Starting June 6th

Diablo IV Anniversary: March of the Goblins Celebration

Prepare to dive into a treasure-laden event as we celebrate the first anniversary of Diablo IV with the March of the Goblins. From to , players will encounter increased Treasure GoblinTreasure Goblin activity across Sanctuary. Goblins will drop more loot than usual and will appear more frequently, sometimes even in pairs or larger groups.

Treasure Goblin Pack
Treasure Goblin Pack

Additionally, from to , players can claim free cosmetic gifts from the Shop, available for redemption until .

March of the Goblins Free Cosmetic Items
March of the Goblins Free Cosmetic Items

This is part of a broader celebration that includes special bonuses and activities:

  • Increased Treasure Goblin Activity: More goblins, more loot! Expect richer drops and more frequent appearances.
  • Free Shop Gifts: Claim exclusive cosmetic items from the in-game shop during the event period.
  • Mother’s Blessing Anniversary Edition: For 10 days, enjoy a 25% experience boost and a 50% gold boost across all realms and world tiers. This bonus stacks multiplicatively with other in-game buffs, offering a perfect opportunity to level up and maximize your in-game gains.

Mother's Blessing

Mother's Blessing is a recurring Global Event that significantly boosts Experience and Gold Find on all World Tiers. The bonuses provided stack multiplicatively with other bonuses.

Join the festivities, hunt down those treasure goblins, and make the most of the boosted rewards during this special anniversary event in Diablo IV!

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