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Major Changes to Living Steel Acquisition and Bug Fixes!

Major Changes to Living Steel Acquisition and Bug Fixes!

A new hotfix is now active for all players, significantly boosting the rate at which players can acquire

Living SteelLiving Steel
from Helltides.

Upcoming Hotfix to Address Living Steel Issues

Upcoming Hotfix to Address Living Steel Issues

Game Updates

Living Steel Acquisition Adjustments:

  • World Tier 3: The number of Living Steels obtained from chests has been increased from 1 to 2. Additionally, there's now a chance to receive 1-2 extra Living Steels.
  • World Tier 4: The amount of Living Steel from chests has risen from 3 to 5, with an opportunity for 5 additional Living Steels to drop. Moreover, all other Helltide chests in this tier will grant an extra Living Steel.

These changes indicate a significant shift from the previous, more restrictive acquisition process, addressing the community's concerns about the scarcity and difficulty of obtaining

Living SteelLiving Steel


  • Living Steel Chests Spawn Issue: A critical fix has been implemented for the problem where Living Steel Chests were not spawning correctly. As a temporary measure, the 'Living Steel Chest Guardian' has been removed to ensure smoother chest functionality. The developers express their intent to reintroduce these guardians once they can guarantee the resolution of spawning issues.
  • Login Error Fix: The hotfix resolves an issue preventing some players from logging into the game due to an error stating the season was over.
  • Season Journey Objectives: Various bugs impeding the completion of Season Journey Objectives have been addressed, ensuring a smoother progression for players.