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Diablo 4 Season of... the Iron Wolves?

Did we get a hint at Season 4's theme?

Diablo 4 Season of... the Iron Wolves?

Did we just get a hint at what the next Season of Diablo 4 will be? Looking at the assets that are shipped with the Itemization PTR build, we have found a few clues to the Season 4 theme.

The 2DUI_Seasonal_Reputation_UI asset contains what looks like the Season 4 badge, alongside the other Seasons' badges.

Season 4 Leaked Badge
Season 4 Leaked Badge

To further support this claim, we have also found a new Minimap icon that resembles the same image, accompanied with the signature green leaf.

Season 4 leaked Minimap Icon
Season 4 leaked Minimap Icon

Season 4 Theme

Iron Wolves Emblem
Iron Wolves Emblem

The icon has many similarities with the



emblem, which might indicate a theme revolved around the Iron

or Mercenaries in general.

The Iron

were initially formed by Asheara and where first stationed in Kurast. In Diablo 2, you could hire an Iron Wolf Mercenary in Act 3. After the events of Diablo 3, the Iron Wolves got scattered and they can be encountered in Diablo 4 in various sidequests.

In Diablo 4 we can also find references to the Iron

in the form of

Asheara's KhanjarAsheara's Khanjar

Wolf's Honor

People that have participated in the PTR have also noticed that some enemies grant Wolf's Honor when killed. These can point in the direction of a reputation system similar to previous seasons.

Some other items have also been found to link the Iron

to the Helltide. For example,

Iron Wolf Boots read

and flame-resistant, for those who would stand toe to toe against the Hellborne.

What do you think the next Season's title will be?

Season of the Iron Wolf0%
Season of the Wolf0%
Season of the Werewolf0%
Season of the Lycan0%
Season of Lycanthrophy0%
Season of the Mercenary0%
Season of Honor0%